Midnight Alchemy

Three female artists from Sydney’s west have joined forces to collaborate for an exhibition that will open at Create or Die Gallery on Friday 15th January 2016.

MIDNIGHT ALCHEMY will feature the work of Rosell’s Creatures, Irene Feleo and Styna.

‘Midnight Alchemy’ is a collaboration between three upcoming Sydney artists who have come together to create a collection influenced by the world of magic and superstition. Producing pieces based on shared inspirations, the result is a colourful and textured exploration of storytelling, mythical creatures, wildlife and the fluid nature of reality.

The three artists met through a series of synchronic events, all through their desire to meet and connect with other artists in Sydney.

“It’s often very hard to meet like-minded artists in the community, especially ones who are willing to share their practice, so meeting Irene and Christina felt like a great relief ” says Rosell

“When you have a moment of serendipity you need to take notice and respect it, especially when you connect with another female artist.”

midnight alchamy-22.jpg
midnight alchamy-39.jpg

Midnight Alchemy