Beautiful Criatura

Beautiful Criatura by Rosell Flatley is a portrait collection of the female form. Through her artwork, Rosell channels the energy of the women she associates with; colleagues, peers, friends, relatives and strangers, and acknowledges both the positive and negative vibrations of these interactions. Celebrating women as the creators of life, Rosell believes that women can achieve enlightenment from respecting their inner instinct. Citing her grandmother, Adela, as an influential figure in her practice, recurrent themes in Beautiful Criatura; survival, strength and resilience; are a reflection of Adela’s key values. Paying tribute to the legacy of Adela, and her love of plants, in particular the Peace Lily, Rosell blends the native flora and fauna of the Philippines in her portraits, deifying the subjects. Beautiful Criatura is a tribute to women; the individual and collective energy from female interaction, how Rosell harnesses their projected energy, and how she releases it.